Rescue Boat/Engine

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Rescue Boat/Engine

The Marine inflatables are built to last and withstand rigorous use in the most harsh condition with more than inflatables crafts in service,our boats are well proven in use.

These crafts are built to the highest international standards and perform beyond expectations.

Come complete with all the equipment required for military/special operations.

The crafts are constructed using Hypalon coated fabrics,polyester fabric.

The boats are fitted with an integrated slatted aluminium roll up floor,CO2 auto inflation system and waterproofs bags.These boat can also be fitted with a rigid deck,thus making them multipurpose.

These boat comes with a high load bearing capacity.

Standard Equipment:

Paddle Bag / Inflation Pumps / Towing Hooks / Boat Valise / Davit Fittings Points / Load Securing D Rings / Detachable Waterproofs Packets / Two Lightweight Paddles / Pressure Relief Valves / Painter Securing Patch / Heavy Duty Carrying Handles / Internal and External Lifelines / High Capacity Drainage System / Integrated Aluminium Slatted Roll up Deck / Manual Repair Kit / CO2 Auto inflation system(Optional)

The Marine inflatables work boats are built to take the abuse of the day to day use in the harsh condition,with more than 5000 inflatables crafts in service,our boats are well proven in use.

These crafts are constructed using the best hypalin coated fabrics,with the high strength 1670 Dtex polyester fabrics but with a higher GSM to take the abuse of usage in the offshore and heavy duty commercial fields.

These crafts are fitted with a heavy-duty aluminium or FRP deck,which can be easily installed.

The crafts come with a special water logging system which makes them more stable during loading and boarding operations.Also the crafts have a twin keel design,which gives them a very high load bearing capacity.Our standards 5 mtr work boat is capable of taking loads of upto 4400 lbs,for an inflatables crafts it is un-heard of.

Our Boats are being used all over the country by the Indian Army,Border Security Force,Indo-Tebitian Border Force and Paramilitary Forces.

Our rescue crafts have been proven in actual flood rescue operation and have been the backbone of some of the biggest rescue operations.Our country has witnessed in recent years like the Orissa super cyclone 2000 and the Bihar floods in 2008.

We are authorized Dealer of Mercury OBM. 


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